Who We Advise

Our role is to ensure each client makes informed decisions that create the financial future they want.


The five primary classifications of clients we advise are:

1. High net worth individuals and families / multi-generational members

  • High net worth individuals and their families have complex financial arrangements with multiple assets, tax liabilities, ownership issues, dependants and liabilities.
  • EWK’s role is to create clarity and establish strategies to optimise the financial position of these individuals and families regarding tax, wealth creation and protection, and estate planning requirements.
  • Generate greater wealth by providing deeper knowledge of the best approaches, opportunities and actions.
  • Strengthening the natural connection between clients and their family members, both current and future generations.
  • Getting financial affairs in order for parents and in due course their children and grandchildren, and important people in their lives.

2. Professionals

  • Often professionals are time poor and looking to be in control of their financial position with minimal involvement in planning and managing their assets and money.
  • EWK provides full range of financial planning and accounting services tailored to the needs of professionals.
  • Often professionals have assets in SMSFs that require professional advice and administration without their involvement.
  • Common feedback is they greatly appreciate getting assistance to get their financial affairs in order and keep it that way, so they do not need to worry or be the expert.
  • EWK’s role is to be a financial coach and provide a long-term strategy.

3. Executives and career employees

  • Executives and career employees frequently have built significant wealth in their superannuation and have property assets.
  • EWK works with these individuals to establish the most effective strategies for transitioning into retirement from employment.
  • Taxation and arranging superannuation in the most effective manner ensures clients have an optimised retirement from a financial perspective.
  • Some of our clients have multiple assets that need to be consolidated prior to retirement to ensure they can have the lifestyle they wish for without complications.
  • If clients wish to work beyond retirement age, we provide advice to ensure this works to their financial advantage.

4. Business owners:

  • Assist business owners to build and protect wealth outside of their business.
  • Many owners have focused their wealth generation on growing the value of their business and are looking for ways to transition out of the business in the most tax effective manner.
  • Empower owners by bringing all their financial affairs together in the one place with strategies to optimise wealth.
  • Set goals to achieve wealth along the way and plan succession within family or externally.
  • Assist owners to transition out of their businesses by selling their business. Explain how to access the advantages of the small business concessions.

5. Individuals with large matrimonial settlements:

  • Individuals who have received a large property settlement as a result of separation and divorce.
  • Structured approach to putting these clients in control of their lives post-divorce.
  • Create a detailed plan to ensure financial security, protect assets, and optimise the tax and social security position of clients.
  • Manage the emotional and financial roller coaster of divorce and bringing order and structure for their new life ahead.
  • Giving them control and understanding of their financial situation and options to move forward.