Proprietary Advice Process

The range of professional services and advice delivered by EWK Private Wealth are integrated through our Proprietary Advice Process.


For new clients the step-by-step process for optimising their financial position is as follows:

Statement of financial position

  • A complete global view of the client’s financial affairs at the start of the advice process
  • Documents full financial position of assets, income, and liabilities.
  • Identify tax and ownership issues with assets.

Set goals

  • Establish a clear set of lifestyle and financial goals.
  • Determine the scope of the advice.

Advice formulation

  • Establish a plan to achieve goals and typically, fund lifestyle and/or retirement.
  • Determine and plan the transition of wealth to next generation for those important to the client. Involve beneficiaries of the estate. who tend to become clients along the way.
  • Determine tax liabilities.
  • Develop strategies to reduce or remove unnecessary tax liabilities.


  • • Sort out complicated financial structures and arrangements.
  • Documents full financial position of assets, income, and liabilities.
  • • Implement agreed strategies.

The EWK Proprietary Advice Process provides clients with the surety and peace-of-mind that their financial affairs are under control and working for them.


What our clients say…

{Over the past 20 years I have had the peace of mind knowing that Eleonor has assisted my family and me wi negotiating the financial complexities of life.
Brendon Woods

I have known Eleonor Klopsch for many years. She has managed my family trusts and financial investments and taxation returns successfully. Eleonor has been the family’s financial adviser and all is moving positively. Over the years, Eleonor’s work ethics have been very reassuring and we have no hesitation in recommending EWK Private Wealth and Eleonor as a creditable and hard working organisation/person who strives to do the absolute best for their customers.

George Attard / Attard Family Group

have been using the services EWK Private Wealth Management now for many years and have been extremely happy with the personal service and excellent results I have received and am looking forward to a mutually prosperous relationship.

Phil Lenhart / Lenhart Enterprises Pty Ltd

I am very happy with EWK and Eleonor’s handling of my affairs and feel that I not only have an extremely competent adviser but a friend who cares for my welfare.

Cheryl Smith / Mangana Sunrise Pty Ltd

We have been clients of Eleonor Klopsch / EWK Private Wealth Management for more than two decades. Over the years Eleonor has guided us with advice relevant to improving our investments, farming interests, taxation etc. with the same courtesy and expertise she showed on our first contact. Management of our retirement fund has been rewarding and exciting, and with that little personal touch that Jocelyn and I find so satisfying in our association with this very capable lady. We strongly recommend EWK Private Wealth Management under the guidance of Eleonor Klopsch.

William and Jocelyn Mailer / Tanamerah Investments Pty Ltd

EWK/Eleonor has given us friendship,peace of mind and financial security into retirement.

Peter and Gizelle Forbes

Eleonor Klopsch has been my late husband’s and my financial adviser for many years. She is the most honest and trustworthy person I know, in that time. I have come to consider Eleonor a very close and personal friend. I have no hesitation in recommending her to people I meet.

Dorothy Holbrook / Holbrook Family

It is a delight to work with Eleonor. Eleonor guided my retirement planning with excellent professional financial advice I needed to consolidate my assets, applied a range of important strategies and structures to put my finances in good order. It was quite complicated. Many people I know have not taken advantage of all the ways our government allows you to maximise your income in order to be self-sufficient in retirement. As a result of Eleonor’s empathy and assistance I do not have any financial problems today. I am enjoying my retirement and engaging in all the activities I want to.

Dr Anne Gooding/Anne Gooding Nominees Pty Ltd