Accounting & SMSF Advisory Services

Accounting and tax strategies are incorporated into the overall financial plan for each client.

This ensures a seamless approach to providing advice and implementing the agreed strategies.


SMSF advisory services

EWK provides a full superannuation and SMSF service encompassing financial planning, tax and accounting advice.

  • SMSF service features:
    • Implement an SMSF.
    • Advice and investments.
    • Structuring cashflow needs in retirement.
    • Operations and administration.
    • Audit.
    • Final tax return stage.
  • Ongoing advice and guidance on accessing allowable limits of concessional, personal and non-concessional contributions, withdrawals and recontribution strategies.
  • Managing TTR and ABP pensions for taxable and tax free segregation, minimum pension payments, transfer balance caps, and total super balances. Binding death nominations.
  • Investment advice in line with client objectives, cash flow needs and risk profiles.
  • Strategic and Dynamic asset allocation supported by asset consultant specialists.
  • Flexibility of investment spectrum to cater for client preference, e.g., property as part of the overall investment strategy.
  • Investment strategy preparation for audit purposes at least annually.

The SMSF service provides a seamless approach to completing audits and operating the fund in the background by specialists on the client’s behalf.