April 2024

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New increased super contribution caps

New increased super contribution caps

As the end of financial year gets closer, some investors are thinking about the most effective ways to boost their super balance, particularly with an increase in the caps on contributions from 1 July.

The concessional contributions cap, which is the maximum in before-tax contributions you can add to your super each year without paying extra tax, is increasing to $30,000 from $27,500 in the new financial year.i

The cap increases in line with average weekly ordinary earnings (AWOTE).

It is also useful to be aware of payment and reporting timelines. For… Read more

Market Report: March  update 2024

Market Report: March update 2024

Market Review

In January, markets consolidated after their strong run in November and December. Strong performance resumed over February and throughout March.

 The gains during the quarter were broad-based led by global growth stocks (particularly international equities) and emerging market equities. Economic data remained positive, perhaps too positive to support interest rate cuts. In Australia, listed property was particularly strong relative to international property.

 The market narrative remains that a “Soft economic landing” can be achieved, with inflation… Read more

Short term explained as we focus on your long term goals

Short term explained as we focus on your long term goals

As your personal commercial pilot my role is to navigate the events and challenges along the way and give you a smooth stress-free flight ( in first class of course) as we achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

The following market indicators give us a glimpse of Markets in April 2024 and traces back to the ups and downs and events we have successfully navigated –as an example : since 2007.

Markets :  Where are we now  in 2024 & the journey since 2007

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How to increase your IQ for later in life

How to increase your IQ for later in life

Key points:

  • Dr Vincent Candrawinata founded Renovatio Bioscience in 2016 following antioxidant research at the University of Newcastle

  • Dr Candrawinata is among many researchers who believe that a person’s intelligence quotient, commonly referred to as IQ, can be increased — instead of simply remaining static throughout life

  • As a lauded expert in the field of dietary science and wellness, Dr Candrawinata became one of the youngest PhD holders and was recognised by the Australian Government as an Individual with a Distinguished Talent in Research and Academia

According to Dr Vincent Candrawinata, a… Read more

Be financially well organised

Be financially well organised

The more we can do to get our financial house in order and be financially well organised, the more we can reduce financial stress, promote financial wellbeing and increase our chance for a happy, healthy and productive life.

Our goal is to help all clients achieve a meaningful life beyond their basic needs, whether that is spending more or leaving a legacy in the future.

We have created spending policies (monitored overtime) to help you use your money whilst you are still able bodied, on experiences, to help family or make a… Read more