As your financial adviser I am committed to ensuring you remain on track to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. Markets and the regulatory environment are always changing. There are short-term disruptions, threats and opportunities as shown in my quarterly reporting of financial markets since 2007.

My approach protects your interests by taking a long-term approach to monitoring investment markets, understanding changes in the regulatory environment, and also gaining feedback on your personal situation. I am in the background protecting your interests and looking to optimise your financial situation consistent with your goals and risk profiles. There is an enormous amount of information and data available in the digital age. I focus on the key variables that are relevant to your situation.

A good analogy of my role is to consider the example of a commercial pilot. A flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles is comparatively long. The destination and route are known. However, the pilot is consistently adapting to changing conditions, such as head winds, tail winds, storms, delays, air traffic control instructions, changes in flight paths, etc. But at all times the pilot is in control, in the background monitoring and responding to the information available to them and looking after the interest of passengers and crew.

As you know I read widely, consult experts, and strive to make informed decisions supported by trusted professionals. Using the analogy, my goal is to give you a smooth stress-free flight (in first class of course!) as we achieve your goals.

Should you have any questions I am always available to discuss any aspect of my advice or current trends in the markets.


Your personal pilot

Life is unpredictable.  Markets are unpredictable in the short term. The following market indicators highlight the short term ups and downs since 2007 and pre the GFC. It highlights the importance of  navigating the course with resilience and conviction through crisis, pandemics and all events that may unfold in the future.